Growth and Transition

Life is a series of changes and as individuals, we are constantly growing and developing. In our personal lives, depending on our stage in life, we may be concerned with studying or learning a trade, finding a partner, raising a family, or dealing with elderly parents, and sometimes these lifecycle events and challenges overlap.

Professional directions and goals may overlap and change over time as well. Over three decades ago, I began my professional career as a physical therapist.  This led me to an interest in women’s health and specifically, pelvic health, which eventually led to the field of sexuality. Finally, I transitioned from the medical world, and returned to school to pursue my graduate studies and become an individual and couples therapist. Practicing psychotherapy with individuals and couples is my main and most beloved occupation.

Over the years I have also enjoyed teaching, as well as writing. Together with my colleague, David Ribner, I have just published a book for couples called “I Am For My Beloved: A Guide to Enhanced Intimacy for Married Couples.” I also co-host a monthly podcast entitled ‘Intimate Judaism.’

I am pleased to introduce my new website and specifically, the online store. I created this platform to share resources for individuals and couples who wish to enhance their knowledge and experience of intimacy, as well as for health professionals, educators, therapists, clergy or anyone wanting to help others in this vital area of life.  I am excited to announce a new upcoming training for couple’s therapists wanting to improve their skills in addressing sexuality in clinical practice. See more about this training here.

I invite readers to my new site, to browse audio and video learning opportunities, listen to the podcast, or simply sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on learning opportunities.

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