Holiday offers 2016

Training opportunity for sex therapists
Learn more about the connection between sexual heath, trauma, and the pelvic floor in an exciting upcoming live teleseminar  with Dr. Tammy Nelson. The lecture I will be presenting on January 18th is entitled: “The pelvic floor is a mirror to the soul: understanding individual and relational trauma and emotional responses in patients with pelvic floor disorders.” Recordings may be viewed at any time. For more information and to order at the reduced price, click here

Training opportunity for physical therapists

The pelvic floor is complex and multi-dimensional and so are our patients. Addressing the distress of individuals with pelvic floor disorders confronts practitioners with the need to recognize the complexities of the psychosocial, relational and sexual, as well as the physiological complexities related to pelvic floor complaints. This 12 -week  online study group with Beth Shelly will read, review and discuss the book ‘The Overactive Pelvic Floor,’ by Anna Padoa and Talli Rosenbaum, (Springer 2016.) Participants will  engage in real-time call-in discussions to increase clinical decision making and evaluation skills and development of treatment plans. For more information and to order, click here

Special holiday offer-30% discount: The Intimacy Bundle: Sexuality training for therapists, health professionals, educators and clergy

These four videos have been pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time. Listeners will learn the basics of sexual function and dysfunction, sexuality through the lifecycle including pregnancy, the postpartum period, menopause and the golden years, how emotional and physical intimacy are related,  how to include discussion of sex in the couples therapy process, and how to address and treat traditional couples struggling with unconsummated marriage or challenges with physical intimacy. This series, normally $139, is on sale now for the holiday season for $99 with code Holidays. To order click here

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