For professionals: learn all about the pelvic floor from home

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"The pelvic floor is complex and multi-dimensional, and so too, are our patients. Addressing the distress of patients who presented to us with pelvic floor disorders, confronted us with the need to recognize the complexities of the psychosocial, relational and  sexual, as well as the physiological complexities related to pelvic floor complaints. This has included recognizing that treating the pelvic floor means meeting people in their most intimate and vulnerable space. The word ‘pudendal’ is, in fact Latin for ‘shame.’"

Pelvic floor overactivity is related to sexual disorders such as pain and inability to allow sexual intercourse in women, and in erectile and ejaculation disorders in men. They contribute to urinary and bowel problems which also affect sex. 

If you are a sex therapist, pelvic floor physical therapist, gynecologist, obstetrician, nurse, or other practitioner, you can become better informed about the research, the treatment and the multi-disciplinary approach to overactive pelvic floor disorders.

This study group reviewed and discussed the book The Overactive Pelvic Floor by Anna Padoa and Talli Rosenbaum, Springer 2016.  Each chapter includes an outline and accompanying recording discussing the chapter and other relevant resources.  Discussions are clinically based with focus on increasing clinical decision making, evaluation skills and skills in development of treatment plans.  

The cost for the full program including 16 hour long recordings, and additional resources is $200.

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