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Talli Y. Rosenbaum, MSc


For therapists and other health professionals  who want to become more knowledgeable addressing sexuality and sexual functioning with their clients.
For clergy, educators, and counselors who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of intimacy and sexuality.
For couples looking to enhance their own intimate lives.
Four webinars


The Basics of Sexual Function and Dysfunction
This presentation describes the basic anatomy and physiology of sexual functioning. The specific stages of the sexual response cycle are presented, and  sexual dysfunctions are explained from a bio-psycho-social perspective.  Common causes and interventions for decreased sexual desire, difficulties experiencing orgasm, premature and delayed ejaculation, and sexual pain are introduced.

Sexuality Throughout the Lifecycle
The second portion of this series focuses on the heterosexual couple throughout the lifecycle and the effects of pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and aging on couples' sexual function and satisfaction.

Bridging Emotional and Physical Intimacy
This video  provides an integrated approach that addresses the dynamics of the couple’s interactions -- the creation of intimacy and tools for increasing emotional and physical intimacy.

Adjusting to Intimacy: Addressing Sexuality in Newly Married Traditional Couples
This webinar provides tools to address clients' concerns regarding adjusting to and negotiating sexuality and intimacy in traditional, faith-based societies. Using a bio-psycho-social paradigm, the phenomenon of the unconsummated marriage will be explored, and common sexual problems will be addressed.

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Video and Audio Learning Opportunities For Therapists: Earn AASECT CEUs


NEW: The Overactive Pelvic Floor



Part A: Sex and Sexuality in Physical Therapy Practice

Part B: Sexuality for Pelvic Floor Practitioners

Part C: Addressing Psychosocial Factors in Treatment of Sexual Pain Disorders





Anatomy of Sexual Health: Pelvic Floor Pain and Treatment

Down Under: What Every Sex Therapist Should Know About the Pelvic Floor

Female Sexual Function: Integrating Sexual Medicine with Sex Therapy

"Just Relax": Understanding Sexual Pain and Anxiety



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