The Overactive Pelvic Floor Study Group

The Overactive Pelvic Floor: a book review and study group

Lead by Dr Beth Shelly PT, DPT, WCS, BCB PMD

With guest speakers Talli Rosenbaum M.Sc. and Jo Milos PT

This study group reviewed and discussed the book The Overactive Pelvic Floor by Anna Padoa and Talli Rosenbaum, Springer 2016.  Each chapter includes an outline and accompanying recording discussing the chapter and other relevant resources.  Discussions are clinically based with focus on increasing clinical decision making, evaluation skills and skills in development of treatment plans.
Full program includes:
16 recordings (most one hour long) and outlines
9 supplemental files
9 full articles
Cost - $200 (book purchased separately)
1Definitions and basic etiology
 2 and 4Female sexual function, female genital pain and penetration disorders
5Bladder pain syndrome / IC
3 and 6Male sexual function, CPPS in males
8 and 9Female voiding dysfunction, OAPF and gastrointestinal
7MSK conditions related to OAPF
10Subjective assessment
11Objective assessment
13Ultrasound assessment
16Classic PT approach
17 Alternative PT approach
18Integrative PT approach
20Psychosocial management
This program is a sequential progression from  pathophysiology to evaluation and treatment.  For experienced professionals, purchase of one or two portions of the program is possible.
  • Introduction and Pathophysiology $80
  • Evaluation of the overactive pelvic floor $80
  • Treatment of the overactive pelvic floor $80  

Learn about the complex conditions of overactive pelvic floor, evaluation, and evidenced based treatments.

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