Webinar: Adjusting to Intimacy: Addressing Sexuality in Newly Married Traditional Couples

" I have been wanting to write you a personal note letting you know how much I liked your class.

In addition to being so knowledgeable you were organized, clear, and so natural. It will certainly help my work."
Sylvia Rosenfeld LCSW
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (Advanced Clinician)
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor

Do you treat traditional and faith- based couples, who did not engage in premarital sex, and who are having difficulty getting their sex lives on track?

Talking about sex and experiencing physical intimacy may be a completely new experience for these clients.

Learn about some of the reasons for unconsummated marriages, including "performance" anxiety, painful attempts at intercourse, and  conflicts around sex. Gain tools for helping your clients find meaning, pleasure, comfort and satisfaction in their intimate lives.

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Adjusting to Intimacy: Addressing Sexuality in Newly Married Traditional Couples

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Description: In traditional societies, couples are expected to consummate their marriage on their wedding night or shortly thereafter. However, the anticipation that couples make the immediate shift from sexual abstinence to engaging in sexual intercourse can be a source of cognitive dissonance and anxiety.

Insufficient premarital instruction, stress, medical conditions, psychological barriers, and problematic couples dynamics can contribute to difficulties with intimacy and sex. Couples may seek counseling immediately after marriage, or later on, such as after the birth of a child.

This webinar will provide tools to therapists to address their clients' concerns regarding adjusting to and negotiating sexuality and intimacy. Using a bio-psycho-social paradigm, the phenomenon of the unconsummated marriage will be explored, and common sexual problems will be addressed.

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