Teleseminar on Sexual pain and Unconsummated Relationships: Earn AASECT credit


Just Relax! Understanding Sexual Pain and Anxiety

A two-hour teleseminar by Talli Rosenbaum and Dr. Tammy Nelson

Painful sex and and the inability to experience vaginal intercourse, are complex issues that many sex therapists, medical professionals, and lay people need to understand more about. Learn about the various causes, treatments and alternatives in this introductory course. This two-hour course for therapists and health professionals will address sexual health and function, the pelvic floor, and the roles that pain, anxiety and cultural factors play in the dynamics of relationships. The course will focus on the problems and solutions for pain and anxiety during sex and the ways that these issues impact relationships. We will cover vestibulodynia, vaginismus, unconsummated relationships, and couples who report, "we can't have sex" for a variety of reasons related to complaints about sexual discomfort.


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